• BANT Lead

Identify Lead that fit your Target

We identify BANT lead that qualify for sales and that lets your Sales person determine if the prospect is a good fit based on their budget, authority or ability to buy, need for your product and purchase timeline.

Invest in Prospects who can buy your Products

To get highly qualified lead, we first ask BANT qualification questions to the prospects. These questions are asked mainly to understand the budget, the ability, the need for your product and the timeline within which the prospects will buy your products.

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  • Sales Qualified Lead

Hot Leads Served at Fingertips

A sales qualified lead is first vetted by the marketing department and then the sales department. We ensure that the lead are ready for a conversation with your sales team and fit the criteria.

Convert your Lead to Customer

We identify the leads that are ready to converse with your sales team and have shown interest in buying your product. We answer the questions that they have for you and gauge their sales-readiness. We then send these leads to you once we qualify them fit for your business.

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  • Confirmed Call Back

Designed For Effectiveness

The name itself explains its objective, the leads open the door for your sales representative to connect with the prospects who have agreed to receive a callback or take a brief demo of your product or service.

Crafted for your needs

Combining a mix of online and offline techniques, our CCL lead generation model is designed to inch closer to ‘selling’ to give your business unmatched growth.

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  • Appointment Generation

Turn prospects into interested buyers

The secret to increasing your sales is maximizing face to face, phone or online meetings with prospective sales leads day after day. Appointment Generation is the backbone of a solid and healthy sales pipeline.

Make a sales pitch

We make a stunning first impression to prospects through copious means of communication aligned with the objective of getting these interested prospects to meet the sales team, which will eventually turn into a solid deal, along the way.

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Let’s Make Things Happen

Advance2Rise to secure Cost effective business leads, and sales. We focus on the bigger picture.



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